Sunday, September 22, 2013

The humming along day..

Fun finishing the back for my red and white zigzag quilt..  Sad though to use up my newspaper fabric(:   But, then... Gone to a good cause:)
 I love my Janome 8900 and I love my Janome 6600, but when it comes to backyard travel...I really love my Kenmore (Janome) 11 pound 3/4 machine...I call her "Little Blue".   Here Evan helps Grandma turn fabric things right side out.  A beautiful fall day in Charlotte.
 Helping Granddaddy under plant Pansies with Tulips and such for a spring surprise.
All the Hummingbirds have long gone through the Gulf of Mexico to Mexico itself for the winter.  The Squirrels are making a terrible racket gathering nuts.  Zoe is going crazy trying to catch the squirrels....Squirrels 1000...Zoe...ZERO!!!


Nicole said...

It was gorgeous weather today, wasn't it?!? I see you were all set up outside. Can't beat sewing, great weather, and a little helper! Enjoy!

smazoochie said...

Would you recommend your little blue Kenmore? I would love for my mother-in-law to get a small, light machine for traveling.
A lovely day to be outdoors, everyone doing what they love best.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Love your blue sewing machine! What year is it?