Friday, September 13, 2013

This Lemonade is made how????

Working on the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild block in the box...Cindi, you chose beautiful fabric.
The IQ block in the box exchange teaser photo:)

Sharing a link.....

At the Queen Bee the other day, friend Beth had some great ideas...First of all she was doing a free technique class on Pile O Fabric.  It was awesome.  It will take some doing for me to catch up with quilter Beth now, after that class!! 
 Then she was using a glue stick for everything.  She was using an Elmer's school glue stick that she said turned to starch upon ironing and comes right out in the wash!!  Nothing like hanging with quilting friends to learn stuff.

I visited my mother today.  She had a new poem hanging on the wall.  How did she do that...well, she wrote it in her head and dictated it to the caregiver.  Here it is:


It was only a little thing, only a little thing
She sat in her wheelchair for hours!
In a conspicuous place, it's true
Very few people stopped to say how do you do
The world is a busy place.
And each has struggles of its own.
But why should we ignore loneliness
When soon it will be our own.

                              Alice Burt

Himself dropped by later in the day to find her at the computer herself pecking out another one...Life never ceases to amaze me..
I should have titled this post..."Getting a Grip, number 3,569"........


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

What a wonderful poem. After visiting my dad for 18 days in a nursing home, I can see that poem applies to about 50 of the residents that were there. They would have loved some personal contact.

Teresa said...

The little poem just brought tears to my eyes. Your mother is an incredible person. My Dad was in a nursing facility for almost 7 years and I was there at least once if not twice most days. During that time it was not just my Dad that got lonely, but my Mom too, that returned to a lonely house and woke up alone every morning. The poem just reminds me to reach out to lonely people everywhere and be more conscience of their presence.