Monday, September 2, 2013

The Pencil Case

7:00..Bedtime for Evan.   Grandma, I need a pencil case for school tomorrow!!!  I really do... It is a bit late Evan, but I will try.  Because I keep everything...I found an old pair of his father's jeans with one of those big, over sized pockets.  I cut down the pocket.  I used the new polka dot elastic I just got from Tuesday Morning to zigzag shut the bottom.  I used fabric markers to put his name on, set it with the iron.
 I really love the colored Velcro..again from my trip to Tuesday Morning.  Now we will see in the morning if he likes it.  He might when he realizes that he too can draw all over it.  He is the kid who tells me to please be quiet on the morning drive to school, as he needs to draw!!!
 I was working on Guild Quilt of Valor blocks when I was interrupted by the pencil case crisis!!