Monday, September 23, 2013


Ooooo  Someone is totally crabby tonight.  Himself does not want to hear it. 
 His only answer for me is to get into a project...blah blah.....
My red and white string is off the design wall and ready to be basted.  My block of the month is done and nothing is ...well..just..ugh.
Then, I realized that I do not have a cuddle quilt for the hospital ready for Guild next week.  Since the BoM was using 4 " squares, I started there with a leftover block.  I had thought that I was ready with my four inch drawer full , but somebody had put plenty of 3.5 inch strips there(: 
 Who could that be????  
 I started making random strips for four patches.   Here we have a beginning of a playpen quilt...Oh, wrong again.  No one uses playpens any more.  Sigh...Tomorrow is a different day...TBTG
Do NOT tell him, but Mr. O'Quilts was right.  Having something on the design wall makes me happy.

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