Saturday, November 1, 2014

Case in Point...

The Hospice nurse wants my beloved to be turned in his hospital bed every 2 to 3 hours to prevent skin breakdown.  So I got a king sized pillow to help support that process. 
 What does a quilter do in this... case??
She makes a new pillowcase from IKEA fabric:)

Well...ha ha...and interesting..Barbara Brackman treated us yesterday with her.
.Scary Stories.
 Very interesting post on antique quilts gone wrong:)

And, I think that this is a James Joyce quote:

"Fear knows it is not a welcome guest, so it takes all kinds of disguises."

In our case, I think the main disguise is exhaustion...absolute exhaustion.
Thank God for Ava and the CNA's...One of them is working away and my daughter, sister and I are sleeping away...Kids visiting relatives and it is a cold rain outside..The best for sleeping.
We cannot find a Sunday CNA.
Explained to my man that our exhaustion is not from caring for him, rather the emotional exhaustion from his illness...and if I did not care...I would not be feeling this...Nothing to do about it...just carry on.
Saturday nurse says that this is not a case of blood clots but ALS progression.
 How can this be after only 16 months diagnosis??
Denial is a powerful defense...protecting the psyche from what it cannot handle.
 I seem to be the only one in disbelief.
Looking everywhere for the brave wife........
"The Case of the Missing Brave Wife"!!!


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I so wish I could change things for you. ALS sucks.
I love the pillow case, it looks so comfortable.

Courtney said...

You are such the brave wife! No one could be any braver. After all being brave doesn't mean you're not scared, just that you are doing what has to be done. And you are, with beautiful pillowcases to boot! Xoxox

Rachaeldaisy said...

A wonderful pillow case. I know you don't believe it but I think you are being amazingly brave.

smazoochie said...

I agree with RachealDaisy -- you are VERY brave. It is one foot in front of the other, putting a smile on, mending, making do. You are doing it.

Mary said...

I agree with Courtney. Being brave doesn't mean being unafraid, it means being stronger than the fear, just like you have been for 16 months.

ES said...

Still thinking of you today. One foot in front of the other, I think that's all anyone can do. x

Bridget said...

I am glad to be one of your stabilizers from afar. But we won't wash away or evaporate. We will be here for you.

deny lost said...

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