Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Right Wise Old Owl..

Last night Marie brought me some owl fabric as a gift...You know fabric can make even a sad heart sing again.  Tonight I took 30 minutes and made a pillowcase.  My mother considered herself a wise old of course, as her heir...I thought I could be one too!! 
 And then the pillowcase came out crooked...owls facing the wrong very me!!...cough!!  
I have decided that the pillowcase should now be on my dear man's bed.  He is really the wise old owl and he does not care if owls are crooked.  That makes him even wiser.
I was already labeling this post "Grim".  Now I am changing it.  We decided to follow the Hospice nurse's advice.  We gave Mr. O'Quilts morphine and the special Hospice Ativan. 
 Now, he is breathing a bit better and more alert. 
 I just hated to do this...but they were right and I am grateful.
Maybe the wisdom is in trusting those whose specialty is is not yours..instead of stubbornly thinking you are right...(not me, of course..must be...himself)!!.
Now the Evan update:  He has managed to use his 9 year old wit to do the I-pad games with one I think he is feeling better.
Again thank you so much for your supportive comments..pls forgive me for not answering them.
Thank you for the friends who are dropping off food and other generous contributions to our crisis.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Maybe the owls are flying and not just sitting and that's why they're in that direction. It's good to hear Mr O is more comfortable and breathing better. That's great that Evan has figured out a way of playing iPad games.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Well done Evan for making the best of his situation. My darling son aged 4 managed to slide down the banisters with a pot from waist all of one leg and foot.
I am pleased that they have found a way to make Mr O more comfortable. I love owls and the pillow is charming.

smazoochie said...

There is no such thing as crooked or wrong way owls -- they look wonderful!

Ellen Guerrant said...

Keeping up with you through your blog, Diane. You are an amazing woman! So glad Mr. O is more comfortable, and that Even is so innovative.

Sending love and big hugs your way! And I love the owls! They're in the soaring orientation.

Ellen G.

Courtney said...

Glad to hear the mister is breathing easier. I love the owls! Thinking of you often, xo

Michele Bilyeu said...

I have been upside down and backwards my whole entire life and I take great delight in being with the flock but not of the flock in all ways. I look at something and lay it down instantly in another direction, cannot see the difference. Can not follow patterns or look in a mirror and turn in the right direction or lift the right hand. I am simply a genius who is still learning to use her gifts of distinction and so are you.