Thursday, June 11, 2015

O'Quilt Fun

A two hour nap in complete silence...wonderful
Then playing with some sale blocks from awhile ago.
Must be mindless play today.
Tuesday night's relaxation:
Dylan getting off the school bus and being bitten by a bee.
Dylan swelling up and screaming.
Grandma taking him to the Urgent Care. Anaphylaxis.!!!!!
The Urgent Care calling an ambulance to take him downtown to the children's hospital.
Here he is. 
 Old grandma frets.  Five year old Dylan cannot wait for the ambulance ride...alone.
 Dylan watches movies while under observation at the ER..
Grandma has had quite enough, thank you.
Then, the other two children freak out since it has not been that long since Granddaddy went off in an ambulance...etc and then went off for good..
.So I had to get them all from school..sigh..
 Since when is 10 years old adolescent???
Dylan of course, had to stay home from we went to the J to learn Mitzvah. 
(always now accompanied by an epi pen...grrr)
Here he is with the basket of flower pens to pass around.
Still charming, although itchy.
Tomorrow I have an appt for a nasty procedure at the dermatologist...just ugh.
I totally need a vacation.


smazoochie said...

Never a dull moment at the O'Quilts.
Be well -- ALL of you!

ES said...

Your two grandsons look so similar to each other. I'm so sorry that Dylan had an allergic reaction, that would have had me sweating bullets - tell him to get well soon, and good luck to you for the procedure. X

Karen E said...

Oh no, I'm glad you were able to get him help and an epipen for the future. Poor little guy, he looks so precious in those pictures. It sounds like it was quite the scary adventure.

Karaquilts said...

That 2-hour nap took on a whole new meaning after hearing about your evening with Dylan!! I think you might need several 2-hour naps!! I'll be thinking about you for your procedure today. Hope your asthma is better, though. It's a good thing you blog ~ ~ your life has so many adventures you'd forget about some of them if you weren't writing them down.

Wishing a quiet couple of days. and some more fabric play.