Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wandering Ways

This evening's quilting will feature a birthday party for our Margaret..
.She turns 98..We never turn down a chance for a party, especially for Margaret.
Did you know that eating chocolate will help you live that long???  I did....
I made my homemade fudge and wrapped it in this cool coffee fabric.
Margaret loves her coffee Irish surprise......
Mr. O'Quilt's family...with all their good qualities...are a bit on the willful side.
It is their only weakness...
Here is his baby sister...not a sewing machine in her house.
There is not a little one,not a big one and just plain none at all....yet!
But, looky. looky....Here she is holding a Quilt magazine!!!!
Sigh, my heart beats wildly...with thrill and excitement...You give me hope Ita!!!
I walk around my house doing nothing.  Taking naps and looking at my fabric.
Yesterday I spent time in line at Social Security trying to settle estate there will be some income.
And, I put Netflix in my name.  Every time the children turn on Netflix, it said,
 "Welcome Fintan".
I could not stand it.  It is the little things.
We are suffering through unusual weather here in Charlotte...99 to 100 degrees F...everyday and no rain.
Grateful for indoor summer camp this week for the kids,
Grateful for indoor quilting room..... cool for my wandering.
Grateful, despite my wandering.


smazoochie said...

I hope you all had a joyful celebration.
I have always said quilting is contagious to all who enter the O'Quilt's household!

Ellen Guerrant said...

One of the very best combinations - chocolate and coffee!