Sunday, June 7, 2015

Smack in the middle of just a great day!

My grandmother was a gardener.  My husband was a gardener.
Today was a day of energy and hope.
 Hope started, the other week with the UFO group giving me two Azaleas and a beautiful bird bath...
.I realized then, that possibilities abound...and...
I just maybe might be able to have a garden again.

I love my daughter-in-law.Today it is her visitation.
Here are the two waiting for their mother on the front lawn  Grateful to have a huge yard..
The girl said that she had never gardened before...the kids will teach her..the three did a great job!
 The newest in fashion...the worm bracelet!!

Just doing the funeral think.
The text of Obama's eulogy for Beau Biden

 400 people came to the funeral of my dear man here in Charlotte.
Yesterday, hundreds more came from all over Ireland and England to his burial mass in Ireland.
It meant so so much.
The time that people took from their soccer games and their grocery shopping and more..
.putting aside their own fears to support us...
It meant love, it meant respect, it meant sacrifice to support our loss.
I am so grateful .
Did I mention that it was a good and grateful day today???
xxxooo for all my blogging and other friends.
Thank you for forgiving me for not responding to your comments that mean so much.
Thank you for forgiving me in not getting out thank you cards.


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

The gardeners are doing a great job. Gardening is so much fun. I'm pleased your man has had the fitting memorial he deserved, thrilled that you've had a positive day as well.

Unknown said...

Love those little gardeners! I see their grandmother is influencing their choice in footware :) It sounds like your husband was so very loved by family and friends.

I know you are busy with end of the year school things, but stop by tomorrow if you get a free minute. The Queen Bees miss you!

Unknown said...

Diane linger in this ggod day. Finton is hugging you from afar, and he is proud of you.

Karaquilts said...

I love the intermingling of the grief with hope, of end of life with those just beginning to live. I know it can be so very exhausting to be with little people all day, no matter how precious; but it's also exhilarating to see the new lives carrying on the tradition and celebration of family when you have lost so much. Savor the rich moments of love and hope so that you can take them out of your memory and hold them in your heart often. How I wish I had known your wonderful man, but then again, I think I do. You share him so grandly. hugs.