Monday, September 7, 2015

ADHD and Moi...

OMG...Tonight I have started 20 different things.
Now, messes galore.... look me in the eye with disdain.
I am so tired of this quilt.
 Every block is off, it was too labor intensive, blocks are the wrong size.

I am not quilting it.
  I have two quilts now that I would send off to the longarmer if I was in the chips.
Alas, I am not, so I will just put them away as tops till a full moon.
 In the middle of this..Evan wanted to play Sorry..
.This is the very same one I played with with my we did..
Good memories...and fun.

The other night, I was visually, in my mind, in bed, in the dark..going thru my stash for a border for this quilt.
I found my mind that to find it for real!!!!
Starting late at night to re-organize  my stash..would totally be in order!!!..
To find the white and red polka dotted border needed for the X quilt, 
Of course..the reds and blues too...had to be in a new place.
My old office and old hospital now being reclaimed for fabric.
Gotta give it all new life as my own.
I even went through some quilting books to give away to make room for fabric.
It is all about the fabric.
 I was just about to be overwhelmed, when I found this.
This is Granddaddy's new handicapped bathroom.
But, we no longer have Granddaddy.
If you look on the wall above the soap dish, you will see a tiny red heart. 
It is a lost cat glow in the dark heart, for Pumpkin's collar.
 When I asked Lynsey why she climbed up so high and taped the heart there,
The six year old said...I just wanted Granddaddy to know how much we love and miss him.
Nothing could get better than that.!!
Here she is, playing dress up with her friend, Leia!

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smazoochie said...

Oh dear, the little heart brought tears to my eyes.
And, I wish I could dress as a princess, I am certain it would help some days -- especially, Xenia, Warrior Princess!
Searching for fabric in your sleep? Looks like you found the perfect one.