Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just Scamming in Charlotte

Here we go...Evan making a potholder.
Oh, Lordy, 10 year old hysterics if it is not perfect.
Fun sewing together...he has learned so much.
 Tonight I taught him how to use the rotary cutter..
Only with supervision, please...
And how to glue baste the potholder bindings before sewing.
He chose his own variagated thread, He even hand sewed the hoop on.
He put his own walking foot on his machine and pushed me aside as he insisted he knew how to do it.
He was so proud.  I am so proud
When I told him that his younger sister and brother were getting interested in sewing and could they use his machine...He said....
 I did a few cuts for another block of my dear's shirts..
And, cleaned off my cutting space.  If you were not a quilter, you would not think that this was clean.
Let me tell you, it is.
And it is only clean because:
1.. My sister made chocolate chip cookies.
2.  I found a vintage basket to hide. still more scraps..!!!!
As my grief swings...I find my PayPal finger getting itchy again.
Headed to the poor house for sure, knock on wood.

Friday my girl and I spent hours at the bank and credit union..hours...First we dealt with the PayPal hacking of my dear man's account...TBTG I had closed that account..all the OD charges are now gone..but really...hours.
We spend hours at the credit union opening new accounts in our names instead of my love's name ..hours.
After, of course, waiting hours for our turn. (All widow's work)
You know that my sister has three weeks to vacate her home of 15 years because she has not been able to find work in 2 years...Lexis Nexis closed the Charlotte office and sent the computer work to India.
She has been so stymied because now..her credit is not good and she has no job!!
Alas...a friend found a great deal online...Sis sent in the application and was immediately accepted..
.$700 a month for a small house in a good neighborhood..She was so thrilled.
The guy told her to just put her check into his account at Wells Fargo and he would Fed Ex the key.
She was so excited. but had no money to seal the deal.
Enter her sister.
I wrote a check for her...because I wrote it to her and not the guy.... a third party check
 she had to go to the bank officer.
Sis was smart enough to ask the BO to check that account for unusual activity.
Sure enough it was a scam. TBTG I got my check back.
Unfortunately, Sis put her social security number on the app...stay tuned...
Just sayin' one is bored in the O'Quilt's family in Charlotte!!!!

Bad news for me, my girl has been called back to Ireland for her work.
She is leaving already this Friday(:
Good news, Cousin Ann is coming for a visit in early October...

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smazoochie said...

I hope all the time you spent because of the horrible hackers has the problem behind you. There is a special place you-know-where for them. We were hacked this year, too.
I love your tandem sewing space. Eventually there will be a whole fleet of little tables with little machines on them.
Wishing safe travels to your dear daughter.