Thursday, September 3, 2015

MIxed up

Tonight's endeavors..
 And, a little  light on the subject!
I bought an item from Bee in my bonnet
 I might have something already like it..but where, who knows?? 
Nice not to have to press or draw a line for the triangles.
The above quilt pattern is also from Bee in my Bonnet...but I forget which one.
 Trying it out, moving the speed to medium...working fine,
 but I have to wait till next Wednesday for Sherry to check out the position.
Getting crabby after finding out that Mr.O'Quilt's PayPal account has been hacked.
Grrrrr. Lucky me had closed that account.
So,I only have bouncing fees to negotiate with the bank.
I must say that I got absolutely furious that he had gone and died and left me with a hacked PayPal account.
My poor Dear..had to have ALS and have his wife mad too(:

And then the  love...the five year old's creative nighttime adventure.
"Grief turns out to be a place that none of us knows till we reach it."
  As I finished reading..The Year of Magical Thinking...
I felt so fragile and angry at the world, I had to put away my love's pictures.
I just had to.
Grief is crazy.
Just after I did that, I sat at the computer to write this post
When just outside was a huge, I mean huge owl-like creature
on my bottle tree.
Was that my man coming back, mad at me?
I grabbed my camera right by the window, but the bird flew away.
Fleeting like faith, hope, spirit, soul....
Unable to be captured by film

Five months a widow.


Nine Kids and Not Counting :) said...

I think you are pretty amazing. Apparently God does too...

smazoochie said...

Since learning that wonderful line of your Mother's -- "any bird will do" -- I always feel the presence of my departed in the birds near me.
In the cemetery with my Mother, after Dad's death, a hawk kept circling. I said to Mom, "maybe Dad is a bird now." She said, "he wouldn't be a raptor." Which I thought was funny -- and wrong. Any bird will do.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

well my convoluted thinking cap could not see how that seam guide brain kept sewing the fabric to the but I checked out Bee in my Bonnet's post where she explains it all and it looks cool and really reasonable priced.......thank you for sharing......your sweet grandson seems to love his rug very much.....even for sleeping on! Prayers going your way.....grief is a personal thing but you are never alone....our Precious Lord is always with you..........