Friday, September 11, 2015

The Good Stuff

I need the house empty once in awhile to think about my love and my loss, I just do.

Tonight, I am thinking and sewing...
The two go together nicely.
I am building a backing using favorite fabrics.
Now, that is very very hard if you see fabric as a collection.
To have and to cherish and never to use (except the uglies, etc)
Sigh...with age and loss upon me...I am using tonight, some favorites.
 Here we have Kathylynn with a cake for Wednesday night quilting.
A cake from scratch, still warm.
Kathylynn loves us!!
And, we love Kathylynn..
 Katie went to London town and brought me a treat!!!
Oh, my...Liberty fabric...I love you Katie!!
I will not go into the grieving tonight...Five months..ugh.
Because as we all know, this time of night is rough.
Just celebrating the day.
Uplifted by friends and a song.


smazoochie said...

Friends & cake & fabric & some quiet time.
You are stronger than you know.

ES said...

You know that you've gotta sew some of the good stuff!! Let the fabric fulfil it's destiny !! Sewing and quiet thinking go hand in hand, it's good for us all :)

Rachaeldaisy said...

Some days need cake and liberty fabrics to brighten them.

Barb said...

alone time is important - I'm glad you had cake and fabric for company.

Karaquilts said...

Beautiful, favorite fabrics make everything more bearable. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself and creating beauty at the same time. big hugs ~ ~