Friday, September 25, 2015

The totally good day Friday, Whew!!!

The supervisor!!!
The driver!!
The man!!

And off goes my sister to a new apartment in a cozy residential neighborhood.
And the angels sing..and her sister (moi) sighs with great relief!!!!
We are thanking angels of all sorts
Those above in the stars.
Those right down here on earth!!
My pit bulls and I are cozy here by the fire on a chilly autumn eve.
Zoe is thrilled with the canine company...
We are, once again...looking at yellows:)

I am moving the yellows to the other they will not have to be double stacked.
And just because I can!! And, just because I want to!!
 Really, look at the pix next to the bookshelf...My mother and grandmother are gossiping.
In that picture, my mother is 71 and my grandmother is 95.!!!!
They are probably too busy to comment on my new use of the old office
Below are my 10 finished pillowcases:)
I am putting presents into a closed closet now...cuz I can never trust someone....
not to sleep on precious stuff.  Then I have to wash it again!!!
A friend had a seizure a few weeks ago.  She fractured a few lower disks in her back.
Now,  it seems that the MRI showed a mass on one side of her brain..
A big call out for hugs and prayers for our great quilting friend!!!

We love you Rhonda!!


smazoochie said...

Look at all the breathing room your fabric has! Why, it almost looks -- lonely. ;-)

Rhonda said...

Prayers & warm thoughts from one Rhonda to another!!

Dora, the Quilter said...

If ever I have to move into an apartment, my wish is to find one in a residential area. Furthermore, if it turned out to be connected to my daughter's house in an area where the horizon is land rather than buildings, I could do that. I just hope it is a long way off!

I hope your sister is able to settle in quickly and that her new place becomes her haven.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Blessings and the best of thoughts for your friend, Rhonda! ((((Rhonda))))