Thursday, March 3, 2016


Digging out from my quilt of a series I made of orange quilts.  This replaces Grandma's 100 year old pictures .... now worth nothing...Sorry Grandma!!

 Instead of planting a tree for Granddaddy, we built a tree house in his honor.
Today Andy put up a swing..How fun..Granddaddy would have loved his legacy.
New camera, terrible pix.  Eithne has MADE the most gorgeous outfits for Lynsey's doll
 How giving is this.  Eithne is my role model.  She gives to others in the name of her beloved son who died in an airplane crash.   Love you Eithne..Thank you. xxoo
I would retake the picture tonight, but Lynsey is already asleep holding the finely dressed doll.

Two lovely days in a lucky, I am.  Then, in planning Easter. the bomb fell again.
My love died a week after Easter last year...It will never be the same..
Here we go..who am I without him?? How can I survive? How can I leave the earth a better place?.
With the cement block on my heart and anxiety in my gut, I struggle.
I had a lovely breakfast with my daughter...continuing her
Decided I could either come home and cry, or go to Marshall's to get the purse I had seen.
The purse was gone and I cried in Marshalls.
Do I care about purses?  no no no!
I care about loss.
Boomerang back to the stunning day in Charlotte...Carolina blue skies and crisp air.
Grief bursts are getting shorter in duration and more spread apart.


m. said...

So thankful that you had a beautiful day. And so glad for you that your bouts with grief are easing somewhat. You are so gracious to share your process with us. And look at that great treehouse in honor of "granddaddy". What a great way to honor his memory.
PS--you inspire me. I may try to restart my blog--ifI can figure out how to work with our computer in our new setting. Sigh!

smazoochie said...

Oh, sweetheart, such a wild ride. When things that don't really matter can make you crumple.
Gi-nornous HUG!
To illustrate how non-maternal I am, I would boot them from that awesome treehouse & call it my own.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

That is an amazing treehouse and the swing is so much fun. I love the quilt on the wall, the colours are gorgeous. It will always be the unexpected little things that floor you with grief, Remember to think of all the things you achieve.

ES said...

Phew I'm sure the grief is exhausting. You're a super grandma - the tree house looks amazing :) really special :)

Karaquilts said...

Three sweet little people will grow up with fabulous memories and knowing that you cherish them. There is no better legacy to create and leave behind. I always look forward to your creative posts.