Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Slip-up..

I got home tonight to find that my beloved Stephanie had busied herself with....
 cleaning my sewing counter...
She is an OCD clean freak...Now what says Mrs. O'Quilts
Where is my stuff??????
Someone, below, does not care at all about scrappy mess.
His love is unconditional.

Had a fun time tonight at the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild.
Fun to see what favorite quilting tools everyone has.

Tonight's confession:  I ate some of the children's Easter candy.
 I was depressed with my widow weight..and my painful knees that have not been replaced.
The sad state of Grandma's affairs tonight(:
I do love the Easter bunny and he skipped my house this time.
Certainly it was a wise choice!!!!

That was not enough, says weak kneed Grandma.
She said she would just check her favorite fabric site: Hancocks of Paducah's sale pages
Just checking, she said...OMG  I need an attitude adjustment for sure..
And, none of the above helped  my arthritis, let me tell you.

I have been raising my grandchildren for almost 2 and a half years.
Despite adversity, IMHO. I can see that I am doing a very good job.
The other day they wanted three helpings of hot oatmeal before school.
They got it..
Then, they ran happily onto the bus where friends waited for them.
Consistency...they got it.
They are safe and secure and loved..gratitude.

Disappointment came last night...
 My son is now out of jail and working.  He is a great worker.
Within an hour or two of his release, he had a job and was on the job!!
His cellmate had a brother, etc with a business..
Voila, my charming son was working.
Last night we had a park date with him to meet with his children.  They were so excited.
He called at the last minute and cancelled...still on the job, he said..and in South Carolina.
Maybe so, says his mother...but..................
So fine..we had movie night instead.......it is spring break after all.
 16 year old Pumpkin is proud of me for starting to quilt again..
Fine...Cats...just fight over it . It is not like there are no nice special beds for the two of you..

While googling Quilting for Solace..I found this cool article.

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