Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello .....Mighty Fine Day..

Lunch out...yeah...getting that friend fix!!
Tonight  sisters and bro-in-laws arrived in from across the pond and sunny Florida.
I made them each a mug rug from my dear man's shirts.
(I hate my new camera)
 The darlings love their swing..
 Sunday morning I found them outside when I got up, swinging in their jammies.
That was after Lynsey got up early deciding to make everyone breakfast.
She put the instant oatmeal in the plastic bowls, she put the bowls in the microwave,
and then...????  Evan said she was burning the house down.
I did not realize that a 7 year old needed a microwave lesson.
I did not realize she was the cook...although I certainly should have.
TBTG the aftermath was only a rancid, nasty smell.
Dinner out...with the wonder I cannot walk!!
All this eating out...
Sunny lovely southern day..high of 70..hmmm
When the good times swell....I think that I just might be able to make it.
Wedding plans coming along...Oh, my...
I love her so.


livelymonkey said...


smazoochie said...

You having a good day always makes me so happy.
Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the family. Just enjoy.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Love the mug rugs. The tree house is amazing. I know some adults who have burnt plastic in the oven. Enjoy the socialising over food. Sorry such cryptic comments.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh no, melted plastic oatmeal! It's one of those things that makes a funny story after the rancid smell clears.