Saturday, March 19, 2016

Stories and Stuff

FYI, I lost my heart to a black haired, blue eyed, Galway man....OMG
Galway Girl
I love that the charlotte modern quilt guild  has this placemat outreach.
It is fun to take someone else's orphan blocks and make them into something else

When I had Kristen babysitting, she organized my scraps for me.
Of course I could never USE something so organized.
I found them tonight to finish off the above placemat tops.  Fun

Friday, I asked God for the strength to get off some of this widow's weight.
By one am, I was busy in the loo with a stomach bug..
No, no, no I said...God, you..misunderstood...Alas..............

Last night I read a daily reading about listening to my inner spirit.
So I did.
It said go to bed silly.
So I did.

Dylan is 6.  He whispered to me the other day..
Aunt Emily is getting married.
Do you know what they do there??
Whisper.....giggle giggle.
They kiss and I am going to watch.
Snarles his older sister, age 7..
Grandma will never let you watch that!!!

Evan, almost 11...Grandma..I am not like you.  I am like me.
I have different tastes than you.  Did  you realize that people are different in that way??
You like raisins and tuna and cheese and chicken.
I like normal food, says chips and ice cream and cookies!

Evan..The way it goes at school Grandma is that ....a girl tells you that she likes  you and asks  you to be her boyfriend.  That happened to me yesterday.  That is why I had to go to Walmart with my allowance and buy 2 large bags of candy, come home and wrap them up in a cute bag with tissue paper and sneak it all into her bookbag today.  She was surprised and happy which made me happy...
Just thought  you all would like to know how things are done in fifth grade here in Charlotte, NC

   I have no energy today.  If my love were here I would whine to the poor soul
I do not know why I am so weak.
He would still have some of that virus in you.
I would disagree...why do you think I am so weak...ha ha.
Alas, he is not here so I am telling you..more ha ha.
Then he would say go sew...
Which I did.

I am looking everywhere for child size thimbles to teach my grands hand sewing.
I ordered some on Ebay...they came...Giant size thimbles with pictures of children painted on them.
That is what they advertised as Child's/Children's thimbles.
So disappointed...
If anyone knows where to get small thimbles for a 6, 7 and 10 year old. please let me know.


ES said...

You've still got your sense of humour:) and you're grandkids are so smart, and funny too!! X

smazoochie said...

Yes, your humor will see you through. xxxxx
And your Evan will make some girl very happy one day, such a gent.
Clover makes rubber-y sided, metal-topped thimbles. They come in citrus colors, which might appeal to the kids, but I don't know if the small would be small enough.

Michele Bilyeu said...

You have the smartest grandchildren. Truly they are gems.
Measuring for a thimble pdf chart:

Rachaeldaisy said...

Giant size thimbles with children on them!! lol who would have thought... I love hearing what the children say.