Monday, March 27, 2017

The Sun Also Shines...

I live among royalty.
 Stitch is not just the kind of kitty who sits around.
He is heavily involved with the viewing of my pre-cuts.
He knows my stress at not being able to use the rotary cutter.
Stitch says, Do what you can and be happy!!
So much as I love you...I must show them all......
that you are;
Double Jointed!!! Wednesday night quilting show and tell...
The disappearing nine patch is so versatile!!!!
Above and below...Sherry's quilts
Below random strips with random white blocks..very effective.
Mary Pat's grasshopper apron gift...totally cute
MP disappearing nine different than Sherry's
 with a cute panel backing!!!
Guess what?  I am better.
Being so self-absorbed must be part of the grief healing process..
I have turned a corner...for today, I see the sun.
Of course the real sun helps...the arm better helps..
Even though I cannot use my arm for big things..
small things with great love means a bit of piecing.
The books suggested by my friend Karaquilts...helped with the loneliness.
Lunches with friends...better focus.
Encouragement from my blogging friends..
Today, I feel like maybe I have my courage back....Today
I am praying that this is a start to my new kind of life with not so much
And a lot more gratitude...


ES said...

Gratitude is good:) it can certainly chase away some bad thoughts!! I'm cutting out some fabric eggs today and starching them so I can machine appliqué them and make an Easter quilt:) I bought heaps of discount chocolate today as well, yum.

Cotton Farmer said...

One of my favorite quilts is "Gratitude" by Nifty Quilts. She, and Victoria Findlay Wolfe's book "15 Minutes of Play" inspired my second 'word' quilt: Be Thankful. It hangs in my kitchen, ever a silent reminder!

Cotton Farmer said...

By the way, this is such a sweet post. You know Stitch has a special place in my heart. 😉. And I love to see all the quilts!

Karaquilts said...

I have a friend that takes any hint of depression ~ ~ whether boulder sized, or pebble-sized ~ ~ as a reminder to do a secret good deed or thoughtfulness. If she gets caught, it doesn't count and she has to do a second good deed. The act of planning and instigating the action nearly always completely removes the pebble or the boulder. I was just thinking about this recently as the pebbles were threatening to become a boulder!!!

You are heading in the right way, my friend! and it's wonderful to share the journey along with you. Keep reading and sewing and sorting scraps with Stitch.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Surprise!! It's me!!A big hello hug. It's always a day at a time and looking for the sunshine each day brings.

Cjsmimi said...

Hi! Happy Saturday! Loved lunch! I have not talked about milking a cow in many, many years ;-) Sending you a virtual hug and smooch on that pretty freckled face!

smazoochie said...

I love that you have such a supportive sewing group.
They are a blessing. You are so blessed.
My Pippa sits like that! I did not know it meant she is double jointed. She also lays with her legs straight out behind her.