Saturday, April 1, 2017

Humming along....

Spring in Charlotte..
One of the dearest Clematis that come up every year.
Cousin Ann....Thank you so much for the gift cert.
I had a great time finding these gems at Hancock of Paducah

Thursday was:
A sweet rainy day....lovely lunch with friends...and potholder viewing...nothing like a quilter's lunch.
Wednesday night was a wonderful quilty group at my house. Actually I had lunch with a different friend every day this week. Today I spent time alone...grand!!.

Children doing so well..Great school communication...all so system in place and flourishing.

At Charlotte Modern Quilt meeting on Tuesday night some folks wanted to see my sewing room.  I went through my posts and found these two.....old posts.  I know that there are more...but...

I want to add the ironing board tute to my  blog page, but I do not know how.
My dear man used to do this for me.  Any help is appreciated.

My shoulder is healing.  My stamina is weak.  My friends are wonderful..My patience is improving.

Today is Saturday.  I am reading pablum...MP says that it does not always have to be literature..That is a good thing, because this is is sitting in my beautiful yard.  Today is a wonderful  day.

The children are spending the night with their mother who is doing very very well.  I can sew again...piece, not quilt...but it brings joy.

It feels so good to be able to share the sun.


myrtovl said...

I'm very happy to hear your good news!
XXX Myrto

Cotton Farmer said...

Beautiful clematis! I hope to eventually get one growing at my house. And those links--you did it. I can always enjoy my time roaming around your blog posts. Thank you for sharing the link to your ironing table post. You have great ideas, and you make it look easy to do.