Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Night Foraging...

I Found a Quilted Heart
A great idea that was done at the our Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
These were made by Heather...I love them.
 The grands are giving them to someone at school.
Dylan chose his school counselor and gave it to her today.

Thank you Carol for the picture of flat Salvatore, Evan and Grandma O'Quilts.
So glad you retired!!
We had a great time at our quilting group Wednesday night...
Also known as understanding our smart lessons!!!!

from Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts
Comes our new group project.
We are going to make a purple quilt.
With all stages of quilters...we are making the easy blocks,
putting them all into a pillowcase for the shake up.
And sharing them, sight unseen for the purple quilts.
Stay tuned.
This little project is a straightening up my mess, in order to iron,
I found these left over hand pieced squares from an estate sale a few years back.
Squeezing the best out of them, I am making a tray liner, or a doll quilt..
This is how my WIP/UFOs never get finished...diversion...
But, I have made my weekend far, I have only done things NOT on the list,
like eat chocolate ice cream and pat the cat.
Planning my weekend tonight, I made a mistake of listening to the Irish Tenors.
Grief grabbed me by the throat and squeezed me so.
I had better switch to country western!!!
Music sung by the Irish Tenors that pounds so at  my heart..
You Raise Me Up
The Town I Love so well
Beautiful Dreamer

This was played at our wedding
Give Me Your Hand
I can see my husband in my eyes and in my heart.
It took two years before I could see him out of the Hoyer lift...
I guess there is progress.


Teresa said...

will be watching to see your purple creation.

Karaquilts said...

Oh, a purple quilt!!! I like. Can I join?? Or maybe I should just make a purple quilt right now. That sounds like a good idea ~ ~ or maybe a RED and purple quilt :) I am thinking of you today.