Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Turning Eight

Twenty one days later, another February birthday.
 This time it is 8 years old.
Dylan ordered vanilla cake with 7 minute frosting, colored green..
He decorated  it with fruit and a smile!
 I said, Dylan...let's go to Walmart to pick out your present.
Dylan said, I hate stores, so I pulled  up on Amazon Prime what I want.
A friend on the bus gave him the info.
Dylan had it all ready for me to click..".buy",.And in his favorite color green.
There is a tendency for the youngest to be overlooked...not this one, any more.
He is amazing.
Dylan and his siblings came to live with me when Dylan was 3 1/2 years old.
Look at him now!!!!!
 A funky jacket  on sale at Target!!

Was just awesome tonight...so great to be with like-kind peeps.
Creative ones, with good  hearts.
It made my aches go away for awhile.`
I came home totally motivated.
And so tonight....a happy end of a mountainous daytime ride.
Culminating in my paternal grandmother's 80 year old family fudge recipe.
Which of course ends up in my tummy..
Lordy...Help me..

from London town, England comes a batch of purple squares for our exchange,
It took them 2 weeks to get here...right on time
Boy, that cousin Ann surely knows how to make me laugh and make us all happy.
 Even a card in shades of purple.

The color purple exchange saga goes on.
TBTG we love each other.
We have 9 members our group who are rule followers.
They like things just sew.
We have 2 members of our group who are not rule-followers.
They like things all over the place..
Some are called flexible and creative.
Some are called the loose goose.
Some are called rigid and "right"
Some are called, well...rule followers.
No right and no wrong...stay tuned/
In question is the color purple...shades of..or not.
Also...a blind draw with all the blocks in one pillowcase which would 
give us all  random but equal...or...11 pillowcases...with exact amounts from each case.
I mean..oooooommmmmm
It is called compromise, and love and fun, and flexibility and seeing both sides.
Like I said, it is not even politics...it is purple.


Mystic Quilter said...

This boy sure knows exactly what he wants - good for him!! Gosh, 4 and 1/2 years - such life changes for you during that time Diane, the grandies all look happy and healthy - thanks to you!!

Cjsmimi said...

Trying to post a comment for some time, but just now figured out what was wrong. Yes, Dylan is AMAZING...lucky world to have him in it! Sending you love and hugs and wishes for pain-free days and nights as they are the BEST!

Karaquilts said...

Oh, what an interesting little person he has become! What a richness in your life. I'm so thankful for the glimpses you share as he blooms and grows.

And for your discussion of quilters and purple. Now I'm wishing I had created my squares and joined the fun!!! Enjoy your assembly and all of the hues! I do love that Cousin Ann.