Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Weekend of Birthdays and Scrap-Busting.

Someone turned 9

MP bought the birthday cake...I was so relieved.
I am exhausted..
Thank you so much MP
Did you see the fun surprise...a rainbow inside!
It was a great success!!!

Daddy did not come, he came the next day promising rehab...sigh.
Lynsey wrote this note to him.  They love him and do not understand.
Lynsey's cousin, Olivia has a birthday a few days from hers.
This poor picture shows the pillowcase and dolly pillow we made to match.

My favorite scrap buster....Stitch..xoxox

 Easing my grief with potholders.
My man always said....Just go sew!!!

I have a nasty tooth ache..a wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled.
Of course this only reminds me of Mr. O'Quilts who would be driving me to the dentist and holding my hand and giving me tooth fairy money..

Instead, I am making potholders, taking 4 Ibuprofens every 7 hours
...... and drinking red wine.
Missing him so.

If you have never been in this widow spot...I hope you never are.
The hole in my heart hurts so so so much.
The children continue to do well....
However, they tend to blame me for everything..
They are safe with me.
When their daddy does not come, they blame me.
When their mommy makes a mistake...she is perfect, I am not.
When they go away for the weekend, but want to stay home on the computer all weekend
..It is Grandma's fault..
When homework has to be done...guess who is the witch?
It is all normal....
Sigh...that is my life.

Thank God for my blogging friends and my quilting friends and my peeps.
Thank God for my daughter who brings me joy.
Now, she says they may make their Portland yard a bird sanctuary.
I love her so.

PS  I forgot to tell you about a challenge...a group I know...all good friends of 10 to 18 years are doing a purple quilt challenge....Well...hmmm I think the quilt police are hovering...
Did you know how many shades of purple there are????
Everyone has a different opinion..
Just think of it as white.
.Have you ever gone to the paint store to check out different shades of white?
.There are hundreds...and so it goes...
Fun.It will be Fun.
.I cannot wait to see the final reveal....
Stay tuned...


Julie said...

First, I wish I could wrap my arms around you, and just hug. I know you and I would have a little cry, too. I hear your words, and I feel your heart. For this moment, I am so sorry to know you are going through this, but my head and heart together are saying God has you there for a big reason.

I'm glad you have joy in sewing. Oh, the cat face! You find humor, too, amidst the chaos. And a bird sanctuary? Yes, perhaps you would be a bird in spirit and fly there and sit in the sun. Those little birds you are tending in the nest right now have the best mama/grandma bird to guide them! You have deep inner strength even though you are grieving.

I trust you are right. I hope to never go through the loss of my husband, but should it happen, your honesty will help me and others understand women struggle, but they do survive. The tooth is a whole other bit in itself, and I commiserate with you. Ds is having 4 impacted WT out this week, and I've been through it myself. No walk in the park. Hope yours is handled soon. And one more hug to you. ((hug))

http://thankfullga447 said...

It seems you had a couple of rough days, perhaps today is better. Did I tell you I am back to cross stitching? I am enjoying it & watching Floss Tube on you tube. I've been binge watching The Real Housewives of cross stitch. Just sending you a hug.

Grandmas get blamed all the time & we don't do things right.

Unknown said...

Dear Diane, I cannot believe that Lynsey is 9!!! Can it be true???? I am so sorry about your tooth. Do you have an appointment to have it extracted? Yes, you are the kids safe place/person. Because you love them unconditionally, do what you say your going to do and carry on. Believe me when I day, they will realize it and be grateful, someday.