Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Sewing

Hosted my Queen Bee this morning
A great sewing, friend-ing time was had by all.

That purple quilt...for the group 63 patches done.
Valentine tulips...for me.
Second favorite after sunflowers.
 This is the last time you will see this it is done.
I listened to Elaine, a no border quilt.
It was easy as I found two more rows I had forgotten.
Now it is big enough without a border.
 Funky fabric big enough for the backing and self-binding. fun...must have been a Halloween cheapo many moons ago.
Thank you Elaine.
The scrap dolly vintage use up blocks.
Done into a small quilt,,about 14 x 18.
Tomorrow's work..and then it is potholders.
Never in my life have I been without potholders to give away.
I need about 100...OMG
I was just told, that at my age, it takes about a month to recover from a fall.
I was not interested in that information.
I am more interested in rollerskating...
My favorite vacation place being the land of denial!!!!

My son, on the street, going from one rehab place to room at the inn.
A sad state of affairs in America, I say!!
Of course money could do it...a damn shame.

Good bye to husband's cousin.
Life as we know it...gone in a second...this crazy life of ours 
xoxo to the family...We are Muldoons!!!


Karaquilts said...

Oh, I had no idea you were making 63 purple block for your guild quilt ~ ~ but they sure are wild and pretty!! Good job getting with it so quickly.

Sooo, your orange block quilt ~ ~ which is perfect without a border and a great backing with that bright green ~ ~ do you free motion quilt on your domestic machine?? Just whip it right out? I am jealous of your skills :):) I keep trying to free motion, but do much better with much less stress when I quilt with the walking foot! Just speaking the words "free motion" raises my shoulders to my ears!!!! When I realized that was my reaction every time, I gave myself permission to put that activity away :) Sigh. Next life. I love how well you stick with a quilt until it is finished.

I make quilt tops galore. Then hang them in the closet. Then give them a layering quilting priority. I never know when it might get finished and I fall in love with it all over again! Kind of an adventure in my world.

Glad you and the "girls" had a good sew-in yesterday.

Carli The Quilter said...

Wow, that is quite an undertaking but well worth it when complete! Lovely pot holders and quilt top!