Friday, August 30, 2013

Bravery and Such

Here we are....all done....Jenny's comfort quilt for her bravery at fighting that mean ol' snake called cancer!!
 Cute pink sock monkeys on the back for some levity...we always need that.
 Given with love and with Pentel Gel Roller fabric pens so her friends can sign in the yellow lattice.
 Sisters hanging together through the hard times...a wonderful thing.

 Speaking of bravery...guess the fighting is over for the evening at my house!!  TBTG Pumpkin and Zoe...this is more like it.
I was reading an interesting article about used clothing and recycling and quilting, etc on Barbara Brackman's blog...then I scrolled down to see her next post ......Barbara Brackman take on Twin Sisters...pattern...I loved them both.

1 comment:

smazoochie said...

May your lovely loving gesture give your friend healing strength.
p.s. Barbara Brackman once babysat my husband & his brother