Friday, August 30, 2013

The Rule Follower

 Between ennui and hysteria...tonight I have been pacing around the house.  Finally..I started a project.  I am in two groups that are doing "Block in a box. or block in a bag".  I am sorry that I cannot find a link for this.  Everyone chooses their fabric and one 12.5 inch block.  We put our fabric in a bag/box and pass it around.  Each person makes his chosen block out of the fabric of friends.  
In one group I am making my secret block 14 times, in another group, 8 much fun!!

Tonight I chose my fabric for the IQ group...My Civil War fabric...and I made my block. 
No matter how much starch and perfect whatever...scant 1/4 blocks are
  I ate chocolate pudding:) again.... I know the cure!!


Bridget said...

Chocolate pudding will cure anything. Add a little cinnamon to add spice to your life!

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Anything chocolate works as a cure for me! Worked on something all day yesterday and woke up this a.m. and determined the ripper was needed!

Teresa said...

We did something like that in my club...called it a pizza box swap. Dominos Pizza gave me the boxes and we passed them around each month at our club meetings. It was a fun project.

Barb said...

I love pudding, haven't had any in ages. have 1/4 wiggle room around each block. It's hard to swap perfect blocks. Don't sweat it.