Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sewing along with myself..

Our Guild has been given free space for workshops and Sit and Sews at an assisted living facility, The Haven.  They only ask for us to do some sewing for their residents.  We have been making fidget quilts for memory patients and walker bags.  Tonight I will bring in the bib pattern that I use when making adult bibs for my mother.  Two sided bibs...always the best!
         I put the pattern on freezer paper so I can just iron it down 
without using pins.  The middle is washed flannel instead of batting.   I buy Velcro by the yard when it is 50% off at Hancocks.           

 Whenever you see buckets of know that Himself and I have been having a bit of a doctor's visit......

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smazoochie said...

Very smart, using freezer paper for your pattern material!
(what are fidget quilts?)
I hope Mr. O'Q's treatments are having good effect.
hugs to you both