Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the Wild Side

Today at the back to school section...I found pencils that were already sharpened...!! Ha!  Such a splurge...Mr.O'Quilts was not impressed, but the Mrs. is quite delighted with her find.  They are all in the quilting room perfectly available:)
 Tonight I decided to make the candy pouch for my daughter-in-law.  If I had wanted perfection, I am thinking that it was not such a good idea to start a project after Harp and Hexies at the local Irish pub....hmmmm

I always love the chalk cloth from Oilcloth Addict.  Putting a bit of chalk inside the pouch is a nice touch too.


Barb said...

the candy pouch is awesome!! It would be perfect for sneaking in treats to the movies!
thanks for the link

http://thankfullga447 said...

Love the pouch, great idea.

Urknees said...

I didn't think they made Harp anymore - looking forward to it. The hexies look great too - multi-tasking at it's best