Saturday, April 16, 2016

Movin' On Out.......once more...

Someone reading someone a story.
 Sit and Sew today at my house...10 lovely women and
8 lovely sewing machines.  After lunch, my anniversary despair started to lift TBTG
I finished a quilt.  We had great laughs..and tonight I started playing with these blocks.
Besides the Sit and Sew, my self-care regime included a Naranon meeting...
Topic was..."Do not deny our children the dignity of figuring things out for themselves"
Very helpful as I saw my son tonight.

Continued self-care sent my sister, niece and Ms Stephanie to the children's visitation at the park with their Daddy. (I stayed home)  
I was the driver to the bus stop, Evan wanted to come with his Daddy.  
It was a very positive touching 30 minutes while we waited for his bus.  
He was in great shape.  My heart filled with joy as I watched him interact with Evan.
So nice to feel happy and normal tonight.
A Huge thanks to:
My blogging friends, my Charlotte friends, my family and all my supports.


Ellen Guerrant said...

I feel light coming back into your life, Diane. xo

ES said...

Phew, it's full on isn't it?! Send me some good vibes - Fyn's not sleeping enough and I'm really struggling. X

Mary said...

So glad you got through the first awful year and sound so hopeful. Having 10 friends with 8 machines sounds like a fun gathering. You must have a lot of table space for them to work on. Take care!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm always happy to hear good news of your son. That's an exciting quilt on your design wall!!