Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Soul Friend and more

The pose with tulips for the 60 million tulips......... representing Parkinson's Disease.
Mom...see we are still cheering you on.
The roses of Mr. O'Quilts.
Stunningly beautiful in person.
I should have had a garden party.
When he died, I wanted to get rid of them all...too painful.
Evan said...no Grandma...I helped plant them.
This is why it is good to wait a year after death to change anything.
Today, they bring beauty and comfort...so very glad.

Every day my  knee gets worse as does the pain.
Walking is impossible.
I just moved up my knee replacement operation to June 13th...gotta get it done,
scaredy cat or not!

Katie is making a Postage Stamp Quilt
Tute from Red Pepper Quilts
Thought I would try one,
Grabbed some 2.5 inch strips..guess I will make a basket of strips to interchange.
Befuddled with last border on the log cabin..
Everything went so smoothly designing this quilt, until now.
I have tried black and grey and blues..ugh...I so wanted to baste it tomorrow nte.
This, one of many, looking wrong.. I still have tomorrow to try more..
OH...I just see now some more ideas...It takes posting the work to see more clearly.
Next, I will try red stripes...

I was going to the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
tonight...but I am in too much pain.
If Mr. O'Quilts were  here, he would have driven me. He would have hugged me.
He would have told me that it would get better.
Pain in the heart distorts.
Pain in the body distorts..
Carrying on.

I have decided to re-read, Anam Cara
Read the section on death.
Awesome, so glad I did.

Sewing and reading and friendships, new and old,
carry me through my trauma.
And once gain and forever more:
Thank the good Lord I have great friends.

Hi "m"...ha ha..I have left 5 messages on your blog..lol
Pls give me your email address again.

Ps...DIL just called...another of her good friends just overdosed on Heroin and died.
Another...one more...on and on it goes.
In the Arms of an Angel
Crying...sad...bereft. I understand.

Addiction....I hate you.
ALS....I hate you
Parkinsons....I hate you.

I told my DIL about Eithne...who makes and gives things away in her son's name.
Such a lovely way to give meaning.
Finding gratitude today.


Holee said...

Yellow or goldish...how would that look? LOVE the ROSES. Here is a special little poem that I just know Mr.O would have liked....

The Lily and the Rose.
In the sweet long ago so they tell me,
In a garden where nobody knows,
Dwelt a bashful sweet modest lily aside a single old fashioned white rose.
Now they both fell in love with the west wind,
One evening at twilight's close,
But the west wind loved the lily,
That grew by the side of the road.

One night came the passionate west wind
All confused by the dark I suppose
And the kiss that was meant for the lily,
Was pressed to the lips of the rose.
Where ever gardens do grow
There is a sad shade of grief o'er the lily,
And a blush on the face of the rose. (author unknown)

Pain takes away your thinking pattern. It robs you of enjoying anything or stomps all over your ability to eat or sleep. You'll be so much better off, even with the therapy ahead, when the knee's are fixed. I'll be thinking of you. Compression is the only thing I can think of that gives a little relief and sometimes allows you to stand up a little when you have too without ripping through every nerve in your legs.

ES said...

Your poor knee I bet it hurts, I can't imagine, but I am sure it must be overwhelming. I hope the operation will go well and that the pain will be gone. But, those roses are just amazing!! So beautiful! Are they fragrent? X

m. said...

Hi, Diane. This is "m." Also known as Margaret.
I started that blog several years ago, then life got really busy when my sweet farmer/preacher/husband found a charming "fixer-upper" just down the road from our farm shop. We, too eagerly, placed a bid on the house the day it went on the market. It was early June, THREE YEARS AGO. After MUCH work (and we are strictly "do-it-yourself-ers"), we hope to be moved out of our town house, and into our mostly? finished "charming" farm house by early June of this year. During those three years, I have quilted as much as possible, kept inspired by reading quilters blogs, and become MarGran, as our oldest daughter and her husband presented us with a beautiful grandson about 17 months ago. I'd love to remember how to post to my blog. Goodness, I'd love to even be able to find my blog again! But, alas, with our move to the farm house two years ago (and it IS true what everyone says, "Don't move in until you are finished working on a house!"), we gave up our good internet connection, and now I only use my phone to access the internet. And I simply don't know how to access my blog. I'd love to be able to post pictures of my quilts, especially now that I have my quilt studio at the farm, surrounded by our cotton fields!! But until I figure out how to do it, I will just enjoy visiting your blog, and a few others. My email is andrews604atsbcglobal dot net. Sorry for such a long reply to your post. You know I love seeing your sweet grands, and those beautiful roses! I am so sorry to hear of your daughter-in-law's loss in the death of her friend. Drugs bring so much pain and heartache. Keep posting. Keep sharing with us!
And when is that wedding?

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your knee pain. And I'm glad that you got the surgery moved up. It probably won't be as bad as being in pain is now! It is very hard to be creative when you are in pain.

There is a lot of yellow/gold in that log cabin. How would that look? Maybe a small border of that, and then a darker color on the outside? Just a thought....

Love the photos of your grands...I can see them growing!

The roses are so beautiful - and prolific! I'm so glad that you didn't get rid of them. And what a lovely memory for both you and your grandson. Right now we have azaleas and rhodies blooming. They're beautiful, and almost make the spring allergies worth it!

smazoochie said...

There is so much pain and sorrow in life. Thank goodness for tulips and roses and good friends and fabric.
As always, I wish I were near enough to do more than offer virtual support.