Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Day of Gladness

Just who makes us happy every single day??  Our dear Boo!!
 Marie Hartman saves the day.!!  All the way from Florida came very cool presents..
Finally, had time to gather the crowd for the fun.
 My treats were pretty clear!
The children's treats are already joyfully in their rooms
 Thank you so so so so much Marie...I do not know how you knew that we loved cats.
I cannot wait to play with this fabric!
 And dogs!!  Zoe has felt a bit left out...with Stitch and Boo closing the deal..
My dear friend Sheila who had both eyes operated on.....
 forgives me for opening and eating the candy I got her for her surgery.
She likes me anyway.  Looks like I will be forever wide of girth and substantial like my mother and grandmother before me.
 I took myself to lunch today at my favorite Mexican restaurant'
Then,  a wonderful therapeutic time at Target with their 70% off Halloween sale.
For an hour or so, I got great relaxation...30 cent get the idea...
Washi tape for 60 cents ..all sparkly and ready for any holiday.
 A meeting tonight topped off the fine day.
FYI..says the proud grandmother...Evan got a great report card
Two B's and the rest A's...
We celebrated at Kabuto with a few of his favorite folks!!
His mother, Ms Katie and his dear old Grandma.
 My dear have done all the school work yourself..with no adult prodding..
Amazing. You are just so grown up!! and at South Charlotte.Middle School.
A prize winning school!!
To think that the teacher wanted to hold you back in second grade....Terrible..
Even though my brother in New Jersey has been hospitalized with cellulitis, he is still coming for Thanksgiving....Emily is coming home too..
A great day for Grandma O'Quilts
It is very nice to be able to share that, for sure!!


ES said...

Well done Evan! I hope he's proud of himself:)

BlueRidge Quilter said...

Way to go Evan!!! Starting middle school is a big transition and it looks like you have it down perfectly. Awesome!!

m. said...

So proud of Evan! And such good news from the quilts!!! By the way, on my way to exercise this morning (after 3 months away due to travel and general busyness--boy, was I scared to go back!), a white cat crossed my path. Does that bring me good luck? Smart you for getting a white cat!!

Mystic Quilter said...

Congratulations to Evan! You all look to be having a happy time together for dinner out - so good to see!