Thursday, November 17, 2016

The only thing sad today is that I cannot find the children's Halloween Candy!!!

Here we go...Ms Lynsey practicing and singing for her part in the school Veteran's Day show.
She came home a success.
She saw a veteran there who looked so much like Granddaddy that she almost cried...sigh!!
 Top finished, auditioning borders..if any..
Quilt pattern from the wonderful, Sujata Shah at the Root Connection

My father died 19 years ago. My sister and I waited the week in the hospital with our mother.
The life support had been disconnected.  The wait was awful.
Our mother gave us each $200 to go to fabric stores.  She said that we needed a break.
At that time there were a lot of fabric stores in, not so many.
We would be in the hospital, go to fabric store, come back...etc..
I will never forget that time, nor the fabric I bought back then.
This piece was one of them.  I am going to use it to back this quilt.
The fabric has been saved and loved for 19 years in memory.

In the past few years science has found that indeed addiction is a disease.
..a chronic relapse brain disease.
Many people still shame addicts as folks with a weakness and moral problems.
Shaming someone with a disease is unkind.
My son is so sick. He forgot to set up visitation last week.  I called him yesterday to say I loved him and he was too high to talk.  He never called back.  I try never to lecture or shame him...just I love him and hope he chooses recovery.  His birth parents were addicts.
No one knew back then that it was an inherited relapse disease...A knife in my heart.
The surgeon general made this public today.
 Hopefully education will change perception.
Money for treatment can then be freed up...Praying...
Addiction as a Disease

A few days ago, I went to my doctor.  I went on and on telling him my story and how it was affecting me 19 months.  After listening patiently and with great kindness, he told me that ....
My antidepressant was no longer working.  HA!!!!
Two pills later and I am already feeling much much better.
We now have a great big family bottle of Cymbalta...Just joking...
Stasi...Stephanie and
The last few years have taken quite a toll on all of us.

Things to look forward to:
Thanksgiving with my girl and her man.
My brother and his wife.
Evan perfecting his canasta game.
The grands doing so wonderfully.
They are happy, safe, well loved and well cared for.
Sooo Grateful!!


Karaquilts said...

Oh, thank you for telling your stories and bringing my teen years in Arizona back to mind. I spent many hours in Phoenix area fabric stores and then many more hours creating and designing and wearing those purchases. My sister and I loved to shop and dream and create. We were northwesterners in a foreign climate, so we sewed our hearts out.

I weep with you for your son and the tragic loss of his time and affection, and I rejoice with you for the delight of your grans and their beautiful hearts. And Praise God for antidepressants correctly prescribed!!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I believe addiction is like a disease, and you are right that discovering that could lead to better understanding and treatment.
I'm so in love with your lightning quilt!! I think yours is the first I've seen placed horizonatally. It's like colourful mountains.

Bridget said...

Yes, I learned the hard way that shaming and arguing and being angry does nothing to stop an addict. They have to stop themselves. So glad you shared this with us.

I've always admired this quilt pattern by Ms. Shaw and glad you have a memorable piece of fabric for the back.

Not much quilt making here, but a couple finishes and one almost. Maybe today is the day.

Glad the pills are working. The doctor sounds wise.

ES said...

Addiction is so hard to wrap my brain around. I think more education about it is a great thing, a very great thing. I hope your new antidepressants help you. I unpicked some quilting yesterday and have starched the fabric, I had quilted a tuck into the quilt and now it's much flatter and I hope it will quilt flat now!! X

smazoochie said...

I love that quilt & love the back you've chosen.
I hope the new prescription has you feeling better soon.
Not that it is any of my business, but how does one help little people your your dear little ones? Third generation addicts. I would suppose, when they are old enough to understand, they must be told? Avoidance might be their best hope?
Sending love & support.