Friday, November 11, 2016

The Light and the Dark

Look what I found..all put together...After at least one year of hiding under my mess!
 Found these too in another finish it up
Lynsey is loving to much that she is willing to do some of her hated math on X-Math on her Ipad.
This is how it goes..: math, ironing, math, ironing...we are coming along.
There is some good news to mediate my gloom:
Car fixed...Thank you...Sir Michael.
Dermatology appointment results:  A+
Dental cleaning cavities.
Special, no hormone Turkey purchased at Trader Joe's
It was ordered by the healthy girl.
It cost me a million dollars, but she and her man are going to cook it,
sooooo, I follow orders!!

A big shout out to my friends who have and are doing this for me:
Folks seem to have a hard time with grief...Find gratitude!!  Get over it!!  Are you not finished with your grief yet???  They step away, afraid grief and death are contagious...
No one knows what to say, so they say nothing..In hushed tones they say,
Maybe you should see someone.....OMG
By 19 months most people have way forgotten it should does go on.
And on and on it goes...
I see my dear man everywhere.all the time.
I carry on with a stone in my heart.and a tear in my eye, most days.

Here we are loving the Halloween fabric.
Dylan, age six, is sorting for me...He is moving the fabric to a purple bin.
I love how he stops to adore  Grandma's little fabric lover!!

Below is my sister's Bento Box...she is making for a friend with cancer.
Just look how my clever sister put button fabric as corner stones!!
Celebrating my love's birthday with his roses in his handicapped bathroom
xxooxxoo  My love, I miss you so!


Rachaeldaisy said...

Yay for finding your lightning strike quilt. If only I had an ironing fairy... I seem to spend hours and hours ironing. You're allowed to grieve in your own time and your own way. When people don't say quite the right thing it's good to translate what they are saying into simply knowing they care about you.

Mary said...

I'm told it takes as long as it takes. There is no one time schedule that fits all.

Rhonda said...

Using incorrect English here, "Ain't nothing wrong with grieving! My hubby has been gone for over thirty years & yes, I've mived on but on occasion I see or hear or find something that reminds me of him & I burst into tears." you do it your way girlfriend!!!

m. said...

Love your Streak of Lightning quilt. It's on my list of 'wanna makes'. Also beautiful flowers! I sure hope today is easier for you. I don't fault you for grieving. I am blessed by what a sweet relationship you all shared. Keep sharing with us! Hugs to you.

ES said...

Two great quilts here! Good work you sewing sisters! Keep on keeping on x

m. said...

I find myself returning for another look at this mesmerizing Streak o' Lightning. It's just stunning.