Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Art of Working it...Striving for Balance

Glee!!  Top done.  It is bordered to keep the edges in line..I cannot wait to baste it.
Going to batt it with wool because I am keeping
 No need to be lonely!!  Tigger..
 and...Boo...They comfort me.
 I am looking for this fabric.  I thought it was Anna Marie Horner..but I cannot find it.
Help needed please...Does anyone know the name of it??
 Saturday's adventure...I went to Lowe's to find old plants for a dollar..a bit of success.
 I think that the one above is Sedum.. I do not know.
The bottoms are Mums and pansies..I chopped off the bad and will plant them soon.
On the way home, I saw a garage sale.  I have not had the energy for that in forever.
Treasures galore:  She wanted only cash.
I only had $31.
 FUN!!!!  And, I made a new crafty friend.  She was moving into a retirement place.
The more we chatted the lower the price went!!
I love baskets!!
 A wooden box that had been in her family.
 An almost new coffee table I got for $15.
A hall tree
 a lamp shade.
All for $31... and a new friend to boot!!!
Saturday was so awesome...I just knew I was fixed.
Then Saturday night came...bam!! the tidal wave again.
I remember 3 months into a grief group, when a lady came in crying.
She was 18 months in and so much in grief.
I thought to myself..Jeeze what is wrong with her????
Still she is singing this song?? I know..because I am there...The second year is worse.
I managed to flip it into gratitude by sitting by the fake fire with a quilt and a cat.
Just so you know that the O'Quilts family is still somewhat in the normal range
in spite of all of this.
Voila one of my cute trinket boxes.
When I went to put it away...inside...
I found someone's dirty socks!!!!!!

At the store today, Edy's holiday special peppermint ice cream.appeared..
Just appeared..
I got the last box and it is still November!!
I hear it shouting from the freezer...taste me, taste me..
Then off to bed I will go...those school busses come early!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Yes, that is a sedum. I love them because they grow so easily anywhere here and I leave the flower heads on all winter. The snow piles up on them and they look like mushrooms on tall stems.

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

The fabric you're looking for is a print in the Amy Butler Lark collection. I may have some if you need it. I'm too lazy to go look just now. Let me know.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Dirty socks in the trinket basket - lol. You found lots of treasures for $31. The woman would have been happy to know her things were going to a good home.

smazoochie said...

Isn't that life -- dirty socks in a cute box.
I am glad the day was so good (if you were nearby, I might try to take the hall tree off your hands). The Second Year Tidal Waves, all I can say is hang in there. Talk to us, we listen. And we learn.
I love your quilt! It looks like joyful optimism -- two emotions I'm sure you haven't felt in a while. But maybe they are still there within you, waiting for better days.