Saturday, November 5, 2016

The New Deal and the Old Deal

Tonight, three of us got together at my house for Sheila's birthday.
Sometimes it is nice not to have to explain the inexplicable pain of loss.
The new deal for me was not to bake a cake, rather to buy cupcakes.
 I used one of my grandmother's cloths.  It rarely has been used because she put so much work into making it.  Both my mother and grandmother saved it.
Really, I will be darned if I will have it sold at an estate sale for $5 bucks.
I am loving it right now!!

 Gave Sheila one of my potluck bowl covers.
They are so pretty to use, transporting dishes to someone's house.
I bought a few plastic bowls at the dollar store to showcase them properly!!

Somehow, I got the energy last night to sew batting pieces together...all of course to be frugal.
I finished enough for 7 lap/child quilts.  The rest will be potholder inners.
During those crazy widow hours between 10 and midnight,
I decided that I was all alone in life with my itsy bitsy family,
 and no one to call in the middle of the night.
Poor me, last man standing!!
Then I remembered my friend, Hancock of Paducah...I paid them ahead of time..for some solace.

Muggs is back in town...TBTG
My Wednesday night group is having a Sit-and-Sew on Monday..
.Monday is my dear man's birthday, November 7th. 
 This will be the second annual Fintan Muldoon, Birthday-- Sew-in..Ha ha..
Wouldn't he get a kick out of that!! for my good friends who lift me up.

My only brother is in a New Jersey hospital with infectious cellulitis.
 He has been on an antibiotic IV drip.
Yesterday he was told that the antibiotics were doubled and he had to stay in the hospital until Monday to be re-evaluated.  He is homeless, so when he is discharged, he has no where to go but back to his van.
I hope he will still be able to work his two jobs, none of which pay enough for an apartment.

Like the rest of my family, my brother and his wife love to eat sweets. Today at the grocery store, there was a sweet special of Edy's ice cream.
Of course, I bought much more than the normal family needs..
.I told myself it was for my brother at Thanksgiving..I know he believes in sharing!!

My daughter is coming for the  holiday and she and her man are cooking.
I have strict instructions on the kind of organic turkey to get at Trader Joe's
Me thinks that the ice cream is organic too and gluten free and sugar free and fat free.
And  I just love a good story..

Christmas is coming...the 11 year old wants some Xbox thing that cost $350. 
 These are the lessons in resiliency....
Sorry, Darling...old grandma was raised on Canasta and we already have the cards and you already know how to play.  I am going to teach your friends...And we will do the Saturday night and popcorn..Grandma O'Quilts is on a fixed income.
 Every year, I make little presents to give to friends..etc..tissue holders, potholders...
This year nothing.  I have been sleeping..
I feel badly, but I cannot help it. 
 I will just give out Christmas hugs and maybe can do better next year.


http://thankfullga447 said...

Christmas is going to be lite this year. I love ice cream.

smazoochie said...

An O'Quilts hug sounds like a grand gift!
If you are sleeping, you must need sleep, physically & psychologically. So sleep & don't apologize.
More memories will be made with a deck of cards & popcorn than an Xbox.
Hang in there.

m. said...

Yes, to cards and popcorn. (The young men who know how to do anything besides video games are very popular with my daughters and their friends!!). Yes to hugs and time spent together. Best gifts in the world!! Santa has always brought a family game or puzzle or movie, sometimes a book or two (used is good), to our house. One particularly lean year, that was all Santa brought. Our girls say that was the best year. We spent Christmas afternoon playing together, instead of everyone going to their own room!! And you gift us all frequently with your marvelous posts!! Thank you...really... Thank you for sharing with us!!!

m. said...

Oh. One more thing. YES to using that beautiful tablecloth!!