Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stitch ....In Hindsight

Wordless....Stitch..just wordless...
Top done and in my advanced of my favorite
Katie Jump Rope fabrics used for the backing, instead of hoarded!!! 
The visit with my girl was totally awesome.
Such a lift for me..
She put all the quilts left..on the spare bed..
I can see that I just had better be gifting..soon.
 We ate out all the time.
Here the bread at our favorite restaurant..Lebanese...Kabab-je
The bread was so awesome, that we both took phone photos of it.
 I really hate making these divided four patch blocks.
I decided to mix them with easier blocks to see how it goes.
The fake oriental writing came from Hancock's fabrics in Phoenix.
My father died on May 20, 1997
My mother gave each of her daughters $200 to go to the fabric stores for 
psychic relief as we broke from the hospital routine
I bought that grey fabric
Going to just see how this goes..

 I sent Lynsey and her great cousin Alexis upstairs to pin a doll
clothes pattern onto fabric.
Ha ha...They stabbed the pins into the fabric.
Lynsey was furious that all her 8 year old work was in vain.
She accused her darling grandmother of not giving proper instructions.
 In case you think that all I do is rant....I made binding tonight.

Had a nice rainy lunch with Sherry today.  She taught me how to talk out loud to myself.
I am to say...."Diane!!!  You can do this!!! " And other random positive things.
I have tried it already..
Thank you Sherry.

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Karaquilts said...

So glad for your "girl" visit! and glad to hear you get such good advice from
Sherry ~ ~ I talk aloud to myself quite often!!! I list the steps of getting something done. Do this,then that, now this. I pretend it keeps me on track :):):) I think the variation in your beautiful (complicated) four-patch looks good. Keep playing with fabric ~ ~ ~