Friday, June 30, 2017

The Full Quilting Life.

Bye Bye June....
Tonight I have good news....
I found Evan's birthday mint Oreos...
He has gone off to his cousins for the weekend..
I do not know when exactly I turned into my mother...
but, deed is to buy him more..

 Dylan is 7 and sweet as sweet can be.  I was to mend Teddy here..tonight.
As for the bow...well I just had to know that it is a boy teddy...hmmm.
Hope this is OK...

 Put the binding on this gift quilt...It was too much for my shoulder.
Four months out of six to heal...I thought I could do at least the binding.. now I certainly cannot quilt for two more months.  What to do???
For my soon to be replaced right hip..I am on, altogether... ...
 Naproxen twice a day,
 Tylenol Arthritis twice a day
 and Tramadol twice a day
,two glasses of red wine, once a day.
Hip still hurts.
I think that is why I did not feel the pull on my shoulder.
Oh, well....I can still piece..!!  TBTG

Wednesday the two littles were thrilled beyond belief to have thought of 12 candles
on the breakfast muffins..TBTG they waited for the matches..
This 12 year old has had so many birthday parties...
It does not show...but secretly he was pleased that his siblings thought of him.
CMQG this week showed t-shirt rope...interesting..
This top is done...full of big mistakes...but...I decided that no one would complain if I gave it anyway as a present...
Just love this perfect backing
More estate fabric Wednesday night...guess who was still up.???
Guess who got into the grab.??..
Guess who has decided on a stash of their own??

A holiday weekend alone...
This is no way to get my brave on....
Why do I do this to myself???
Give Me Your Hand
Time to Say Goodbye


Mystic Quilter said...

Two young quilters in the making there! It's not surprising that you didn't feel the pull on your shoulder - at least the regimen of pain meds worked!are working. I bet you enjoyed the Oreos, especially as they were minty ones. Do you have a date for your hip surgery?

Karaquilts said...

Okay, it's my turn to confess: I covet the just completed quilt top ~ ~ the orange blocks are the perfect touch with the multi-colored solid hourglass and HSTs ~ ~ It turned out perfectly ~ ~ to my eye :)

For the holiday ~ ~ savor the quiet. Savor the fabric. Savor the wine. Buy more oreos :)