Friday, June 9, 2017

Vim and Vinegar

Messing around with blocks...maybe a baby quilt?
 At my second quilter estate sale. (it is sadly, an age thing....)  .I got this..
.Thank you Eithne..
My second Little favorite travel machine.
 (Kenmore 3/4 machine) not made anymore.
"NO" is just  not a quilty kind of word.
This one looks like it has not even been used.
 Online at Walmart...another perfect carrying case...
Now I have $17,99 for each machine... I could not go wrong.
I love my stuff!
 It has so  many pockets for a travelling
15 inches wide is perfect for this machine.
Rules on having fun...gather together 10 quilters who have been together for 16 years on a Wednesday night...Throw scraps from the estate sale on the table.
Grab and share and laugh and collect.

She came again to visit....  
Poor Pitiful Pearl
I try to be patient with her because I  know that what a grieving person needs most good people to listen without judgement and without advice...a safe place to talk.
So, I have always kindly listened....Pearl has a dead husband, a dead mother, a kid who is a  junkie...back out on the streets...Pearl hurts and she has no friends..  The friends she does have do not love her...She is even crazy about Oreos, just like me.

This time was different!!!!

For today is the very last day of my asthma STEROID treatment.
I still have enough of my vim and vinegar left from so so....
I took a step back, using my new bionic arm, I slapped that visitor into kingdom come...
She does not even know what hit her.  She sees stars.

I stood up, pridefully brushed myself off and planned a happy vacation for myself.
Actually a stay-cation..I have a four day weekend coming  up with no children..
Since my joints will  not let me travel far, I am bringing far to me!!
MY GIRL is coming to visit.  We split the air fare...
Just Mommy and Me...I cannot wait.
What a life....with joy coming from Portland.

Did I ever tell you how much I love Ann Lamott??
Ann Lamott 12 Things I Learned in Life, etc on TED
Some of my favorite quotes here...

More love here on the last day of school...
More love than I ever could  have imagined.
Rising third grader!
Rising second grader planting for ethic just like his daddy.
And the rising 7th grader??  Off to a sleepover with his friends.!
As it should be.
House all ready for my widow group 1/2 way to December party.
Just in case I do not make it that
Here...celebrating friendship...from Norie...
My favorite flowers.
Thank you
And thank you to Angie..for so much priceless help with my sad and nasty grief.


Cjsmimi said...

I'm just putting this out there...I love you and I love your blog. As I read it, I admire your humor and insights into life lessons that each of us will be learning, sooner or later. Also, you teach me about the things that I seem to love best lately...quilting, collecting fabric and all things "quilty", the joys of gathering with like-minded women, and most importantly, the significance of reflection, gratitude, and the power of the human spirit. I am a fan of you, dear friend. Have the best time with your girl! (I'm seeing mine for the second time within a month, AMAZING!...and feeling blessed!)

Karaquilts said...

Wow! I think you covered everything in one blog post! I've been away and thinking about you, but now I feel quite caught up :) I'm so pleased your daughter is coming. Perfect weekend for you. My daughters are so precious to me as well.

I second everything Sandee just said!!!


Rachaeldaisy said...

Big days!! So wonderful to hear your daughter is coming to visit. I love your blue sewing machine and laughed out loud when you said No is not a quilty kind of word. Take care. keep sewing with friends and loving the little ones.

Dawn said...

Thank you for the tip on the roller bag.
Looks like the gathering around the table was lots of fun!
Take good care, and savor every mi use of your long weekend.