Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wear Lipstick

Found some half made blocks...so fun to play around with... blocks...., I mean..
And...with color..

 The best reason for a stash...found this adorable backing...
Called "Colors of the Wind" George Mendoza.
I must have got it online with a huge discount, since there was 4 yards of it.
Perfect for the backing of yesterdays finished quilt top .
And, I had it on hand...

School is coming to a close....Three more days..
Pajama days, game days, nothing but fun for the last few days.
The big chill around here...everyone is just hanging out.
I am trying not to whine so much on this blog..
I just never knew how the loss of Mr. O'Quilts would
fracture the foundation of my very being.
If sad.....
My mother said:
Do something kind for someone else.
My man said:
Just go sew.
My mother said:
Wear lipstick!!!!!!!!

ps  Guess what??
  I can use my new shoulder to place fabric all the way up high on my design wall..with no pain...


Mystic Quilter said...

Glad to read that the should er is back in action! A good way to realize that it is working is the quilt you have there on the wall, lovely bright colours. Now are you wearing lipstick??

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Good advice from both mom and husband! Lipstick optional;). Nice colorful blocks you have going.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I love it when you find just the right thing in your stash. Excellent advice. Bright red lipstick brightens my days.
So great to hear your bionic shoulder is working.

Cjsmimi said...

So happy that you are able to use that shoulder again! Whoopppeeee! Your newest creation is so cute, too. I NEED a design wall. Yesterday, we shopped at IKEA for storage for my (quickly) growing stash and luckily, got the perfect piece...to be put together soon, (being extra nice to my man). Do you ever think about quilting and piecing in dreams? I've been doing that lately. No great genius ideas...yet. ;-)