Tuesday, October 31, 2017

All Saint's Eve

Can you believe this???
A PTA fundraiser brought in $50,000 for our elementary school.
To celebrate,..the entire school could wear their costumes today to school.
The second and third graders showed up downstairs this morning wearing......
 Granddaddy's woolen sports jackets.
The very ones that were in Lynsey's closet because I could not bear to look at them, yet.
They went to school today as "Granddaddy"!!!
And, it was OK!
Tonight was a different story.
TBTG Their mother came to take them Trick or Treating.
 Sometimes I think that this is their true nature...ha ha
The seventh grader filled up his pillowcase, with candy??????
The other two  made me close my eyes while they hid their candy from Grandma.
 Niece, Alexis saved the day.  I used to love Halloween until my dear man died.
Now I am so grateful for Alexis .  She handed out the candy while my sister and I chatted inside...all warm and toasty.
 Awesome red lights with batteries...97 cents last year at the end of Christmas sales.
 And, the latest patch...This will be one awesome quilt..
with the best story ever,
More choices...all wrong.
Now looking for a light orange solid...kinda...
 All this is why the design wall is so important.
 So thought this solid orange would be the bingo...alas..too dark.

The end of October miracles:
The X-box controller that has been missing for a year and a half has been found right in front of our eyes and noses, in the kitchen hutch...just pushed toward the back.  Evan  made me apologize. It was not only my fault, but I had had to buy a $50 replacement last year.

The new flip phone that has been missing for 1.5 months has been found right beside me at my computer, in my little sewing machine drawer...pushed toward the back.
Now, just missing is the alarm clock bought for Evan so he could get himself up in the morning.
Lost for 6 months, hidden by me for the birthday surprise in June...
and of course two I-pads, taken for mis-behavior....never to have been seen again.
Probably under my fabric stashes.

All is a relief and not too bad for one week...not even looking

I am now full of Halloween candy and sipping red wine..in the peace and quiet of night.
The tooth fairy is about to  make her final visit to Evan as his very last baby tooth came out tonight.
Soon...the raging hormones of adolescence arrive..
Poor Grandma, poor Evan and poor world.


Karaquilts said...

Surely never a dull day in the O'Quilts household!! Or any other household with children and fabric :):)

Cjsmimi said...

Thank you for my first morning smile. Happy Saturday! Happy "Fall Back"! Happy me (and you)! Muah!