Friday, April 12, 2019

As the Week Rolls.

Heather's improv from Sherri Lynn Wood's workshops.

Look at our Ellen showing off...NO one I know, at our age can squat like Ellen!!!!!!

First canasta lesson for Dylan and Lynsey
They did sooo well....we just played for learning.
My new ironing board cover and my new mister..from the art section.

Last weekend my son brought a homeless friend home to take a shower.
.Eamon knew that would be fine since the children were not here.
My son takes his car mechanic tools to fix this kid's van for free.
Twenty four years old.... He grew up in foster care and group homes. 
 He had been good in school and wants to make something of
But, he has drug felonies that hold him back.

Foster care in America is a sad state of affairs when the child at 18 gets the boot.
No more funding...Homeless in the woods. No family support system
I am proud of my back and proud to meet a new young addict in recovery.

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