Sunday, April 7, 2019

Saved by Needle and Thread....again...

is doing the below exercise, Block of the month
We all chipped in to buy the patterns.
We are starting on this one
Now, I have plenty of "shoulds"...My New Year resolutions...
Baby quilts with urgency
Thank you cards to make
Sewing room organization to do.
I felt like playing I am doing..
Can finish my block tomorrow at Bee.
Sewing for fun saves me.

A marvelous gift from Eithne...a million, trillion saved zippers...
Thank you Eithne.

Tonight I am breathing on my asthma machine....jeeze...
My knee replacement surgery is scheduled for May 20.  Even though this will be my fourth replacement in three years, I am nervous...Oh, well..
I would take a pass...but I cannot walk without pain now.
I have been in the ortho surgeon's office so many times, that the nurses all gave me hugs
and told me stories..  friends in good places.

I seem to have a big box of worries....Going to put them all in a box and take them out one by one, giving them back to the one's who own them...


Karaquilts said...

So glad you have a date for surgery but totally understand the accompanying anxiety!

And even more pleased for your pleasure and comfort in playing with fabric. It's completely saved me these last few weeks.

Am headed to quilting camp er, uh, retreat, shortly ~~~~ for 4 whole days of talking & quilting & eating good Food prepared by someone else :)

Michele Bilyeu said...

Reading every new post, always!
Sending love,light and prayers for healing your wounded heart from whence all slings and arrows to mind, body, and spirit come.

You're a tough old bird and there's nothing you can't do or overcome. Well, except maybe your nose in other people's business and getting all their worries back from that jar is sure going to keep them busy for a while!

And all the fun you do have and all the joys and laughter with good friends, fabric and thread will lift, lighten, and help keep you out of trouble!

Mystic Quilter said...

Love especially your last sentence Diane - love the idea of putting the worries in a big box, perhaps I should follow your example!! I think facing an upcoming surgery is always a worry but it's obviously needed and just think that you will find such relief when you can walk without pain.