Sunday, April 28, 2019

Family O'Quilts Etc..

I cannot focus to sew...I read outside all weekend...absorbing spring after
winter, winter, winter.... are two of my favorite quilts..I made forever ago.

The kids played in the sprinkler and small pools.
The O'Quilt family new pet...Tree Frog

Grandma got a brand new reclining chair for her bedroom
Old grandma needs some peace and quiet..especially with that new knee
surgery coming...ugh...

Sometimes Grandma needs to be alone..!!!
Company already!!
Grandma O'Quilts also bought herself some drown out noise..
Noise?...just in case there is any...with three children and their father and two cats and a dog.
Next, Grandma gets a TV for the news and Netflix
I already have a sewing room...but it is downstairs and often becomes Grand Central Station.

The new extended family..My XDIL's new husband's dad..
They call him Pa.
Seems like he was the only able bodied one around to run with
Lynsey in the big 5K Girls on the Run final race.
.Angels are everywhere.

Here they are in their running shirts and numbers.
Lynsey even spent the night with Wayne and his wife and dogs.

My girl on her two week vacation to Ireland.xoxo
Miss her way too much
She is calm in the storm

Spring...finally dear Spring...
Granddaddy's roses are blooming
My dear man's love shines through in so many places.


Karaquilts said...

Ahhh, finally a place of your own ~ ~ which, of course, will become a magnet to all the little people who can't stand to be away from you! and wonder what on earth you could be doing out of their sight.

It looks like a pretty comfy chair with lovely quilts to admire when you aren't engrossed in a book. Can you see the treetops from your window?

Scrapatches said...

Thank you for the photos, Diane. Your roses are gorgeous and a smile from beyond the wall. Do you know that poem? The quilts on your wall and your bed are wonderful. You have a beautiful family. Ireland is a place I would like to visit. I happens in my dreams sometimes. I once painted a castle that was an image in my head and later found it in a book of photos of Ireland ... or so I thought. Now I make the quilts I see in my dreams to follow my quilty muse ... :) Pat