Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Sherri Lynn Wood workshop, and more chatter

Sherri Lynn Wood and our Heather....(photo from Ellen Guerrant)
Last weekend..I went to the Sherri Lynn Wood workshop here in Charlotte.
Our improv designs on the floor for review.
Me, having fun.  Even more fun going out to dinner with her.
Sherri Lynn doing the lecture improv with audience help

Our famous Ellen, getting with the program...She tried:)

DIane #2 and her adorable Hot Dog quilt
Our Stitch showing off my purple scrap quilt

Really???   My son has , once again, invaded my sewing room
with inappropriate behavior...polishing shoes on my sewing table???

Someone at a Guild Sit and Sew suggested this:
We put our names on the back of our machines so others
can remember our names..Brilliant idea!!!

Kudos to Jo for sharing her life's struggles and joys..
Jo's Country Junction

Now, the real deal.  I just loved meeting Sherri Lynn Wood.  I loved hearing about how she found all these sewing machines in perfect condition and fabric and yarn...etc on her junk hunt in the dump.
I struggled with paying $80 for each day.  I decided it was worth it...and it was.
Unfortunately the absolute joy I had on day one...plus my joint pain and two canes...left me absolutely too exhausted to go back to the workshop the next day.
I had underestimated how much determination and will could fix my pain.
My son went to get my things helped by my great friends..
No regrets...I loved my weekend.

More...on life...yesterday I signed my will...I cried..why, who knows...My friends came to witness and organize and scan and carry and hug.
Then we went out to lunch.
I felt lifted up by friendship.
Thank you xoxo

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Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to read that you couldn't make the second day of the workshop Diane but pleased you enjoyed the first one! The pace set in the workshops can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially if we're feeling unwell, I know for a fact that I couldn't take part in one these days.