Thursday, October 31, 2019

That Halloween Thing

Here in Charlotte:

Meantime, on the west coast:
Poor dear Rosie, has been dressed as an Irish sheep.
Mercy on us all please. xoxo

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. My husband and I would wear masks and witches gloves...make a spooky sound, flash the lights and crack the front door, just so much.  The children would squeal and laugh.  It was so much fun...I loved to decorate...
Bringing out so many Halloween quilts. 
Tonight I gave it all to the parents of my grandchildren...
It was their turn...and their way..and their children. I sat outside to read.
Thank God, they get along.

It started to pour rain and thunder as my family started out.
They needed a car and a million disappointing.
Grandma sat on  the porch eating the rest of the candy that no one would come get, because of the weather.  My son has now tossed the real pumpkins into the woods for the deer, and put away all the decorations.  I am glad.  Tomorrow is a new day
I am glad Halloween is over. Holidays bring it on...

Sunday night my brother and his wife come for 3 days.
We have not seen them in four years.
He wants me to cook food from our Grandma did.
I will try.
My daughter and her man are coming for Thanksgiving.
They will cook...grateful...
Then Christmas and Christmas get-togethers and New Year.
I already have 3 events booked for December..Life running away.

Today it was 80 degrees F.   Tomorrow morning it will be 38 degrees F
I have brought in the Christmas Cacti from a summer outside.
Winter is here...and I love it.

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