Saturday, October 19, 2019

Yesterday and Today

A bit more of Portland. Hot Chocolate at Powell's books.
Back yard for Rosie.
Outdoor pillows made by my girl. Wooden benches and table made by my SIL
The next door neighbor!!

Back to Charlotte..Tonight there is a cold rain!

A lovely day today with friends at Guild Sit and Sew
It is nice being back out in the world able to walk pain free.
A great meeting tonight with wise peeps.
How could I be so lucky??

Lynsey, Dylan and baby Ava....17 months. 
So much fun Big Air with Gammy and Wayne.
Many people love these kids.
How nice was this of them taking the kids for such fun.
I am way grateful.

And so it goes...I am desperate for chocolate...which I now remember that I gave away
due to my stomachache..What was I thinking??
I am now going to straighten my sewing room...I offered Lynsey $5 to help me..
FIVE dollars, is that all Grandma?????
So she is playing Mind  Craft with her brother while  I sit alone in my mess!!
Tomorrow is another day!!!