Friday, October 25, 2019

Grandma is a Wizard

Above is the snack bag I made for Lynsey with the awesome and adorable vinyl that
Eithne bought from Ireland.  It is lined with Ripstop.

Tonight Lynsey said that she had promised her friend,
 Saylor a snack bag with a dog on it??
And it had to be done TONIGHT!!!!
Lynsey cut the dog with the Accuquilt cutter from laminate and went to bed., leaving
her grandmother to figure it all out.
I must admit it was fun!!
Now, the girls can have lunch together with their snack bags.

Today was the day that Lynsey shared that one friend was bullying the other behind her back.
Lynsey stood up for her friend, thus the urgency of the snack bag.
Today was the day that Lynsey's first friend got her the middle of English class
Fifth grade, age 10.  All was transmitted to me in such a cavalier way..because starting at age 10,
They know it all.!!!!

Tonight was the night that Evan, age 14, asked me to watch the baking show with him....and he had no fever...He also hugged me...What is up??  I loved it.

Tonight was the night that Dylan, age 9 stayed up way too late helping his father outside fix brakes on a customer's car...
At the end of the day, my seesaw life felt quite good.

Friday is a three day weekend...teacher work day on Monday.  The children are spending
that weekend with their mother.
I have finished 100 tissue holders for the holidays...
So proud of Grandma O'Quilts!!!

Stay tuned...Tomorrow's experiment is to dye Walmart's clothesline rope
I am so old that on Instagram, I misspelled Kool-Aid.
It has been a long time ago..forgotten hot Arizona summers of my youth.

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