Tuesday, June 14, 2022

A Day of Giving

As we give to each other.
This is love batik from sale table at Fabric Depot before it went out of business...
A last hurrah!!
A day of giving....Sherry and Charmaine holding me up so I can survive.

A perfect place for giving away well loved items to  others..  My move in specialist showed his collection of Rivieraware....I found my four last pieces to give him...More joy in giving.  Going out to lunch is better than a trip to Paris...to clear my mind and lift my soul. Stand by Me 

 So many friends are calling  and coming by to help. I am indeed blessed.

Tomorrow morning at 8 am, the AC folks are installing my new unit..Prices have gone up 50 % since last  year.  And, availability is scarce.  People are baking in the sun with no AC for months until parts come, etc.  Tomorrow's unit for me is costing $16,000.  Can you believe it??  And I am grateful to get it...They gave it to me cuz I am an old lady with asthma....Somethings have no price tag..  Life as we know it has forever changed.  Tomorrow morning at 6 am, my daughter and her family come in on the red eye from Portland, Oregon for two weeks to help me... Amazing Grace

Today, my beloved Stitch went to live with my grandchildren...It was with great  excitement that they carried him off.  Having Stitch will ease their transition to a new place to call home after  8.5 years with me.  Here he is...getting to know you...Stitch meets new puppy, 3 other cats and a ferret ...hmmm

Getting to Know You

My sister told me to go take a nap.  Then she put my fabric in boxes for me.
Going to bed now...last night without AC. God willing.


Charlotte M. said...

Indeed it is a blessing to have friends and family available to help with all this. I hope that soon you are in cool comfort. And if you are moving, you will get a better price for your house with working brand new AC. Have a good day.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Sounds like you are moving. That is a lot on top of the grandkids leaving. Hopefully, you can sit down and sew soon for some creative therapy.