Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Sunshine on my Shoulders

Honestly, stress is just everywhere!!  And, I know I am not alone.  Thank God, I have potholders to make and give...  And still I have lessons to learn in expectations...Sigh!

One of these is on my apt door, others are to be gifted.
My husband and my grandmother were my rocks in life.  I miss them so much.
This quilt. I made for my son.  I am keeping it for now,  It is made with sorrow and with love.
I named it, "Sunshine on my Shoulders". The fabrics are so wonderful in person.
Up close....backing is grey flannel.
My daughter, the musician has found her niche:  It is in the Celtic Women's band.
My girl plays a mean tin whistle, Irish style.  Her daddy must be so proud.
I spoke with Aoife tonight.  They have to bribe her with a piece of chocolate to talk with Grandma...sad!!!  They put one piece in  my old Irish teapost.  When we finish a nice chat, she gets her chocolate, from Grandma....Jeeze Louize...Guess this is part of being 2 and a half.

Thank you Rachel for the lovely visit today.  Thank  you Betty for the visit to your stain glass studio.
Thank you my sister for the help yesterday.  Thank you Sherry for the pictures you sent.  Thank you Sunny for the great talks.  

Yet still the ocean's rocky and scary.  With a sense of deja vue, I carry on.
There is a cafeteria worker who hugs me every day, telling to be grateful that I get to be 75.  He says, my big jobs are done, I have to leave all the rest up to God.  Sometimes I feel so deserted, then I see that I do indeed have friends. GUS is there...Great Universal Spirit!!

Looking forward to sewing with Linda tomorrow. 
And, I have two new friends who live here who deserve an "I care" potholder from me.
Tonight is a chilly night in the Carolinas.  Perfect to cuddle in bed under my quilts and be grateful.  xo


Linda Swanekamp said...

The potholders are so much fun! John Denver's wonderful songs and music seem to defy the fact that he could not get past his addictions and destructive behavior. Gratitude is the attitude that enables the gardens to grow and flourish.

Mystic Quilter said...

Keep up the good work with the pot holders and a tremendous effort and kindness to make a quilt for your son. Your name for it has me thinking I'll go and put on my CD of John Denver's music, I though he had a beautiful voice. I'm sure your daughter will be enjoying her time with the Band, maybe they could organise a zoom or something similar so you can hear them all playing.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I have been stressing so I went to my sewing room, cut some fabric into squares for cards. Organizing is fun for me but I don't do it enough. Lots of dr visits every week. Going for a stress test and echo test March 1. Dr appointments are 3 months out here in Omaha. Happy Valentines day.