Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Items of Comfort


Giving away the family cookie cutters, somehow I squirreled these away for myself..Why?    Oh, my, Grandma, you would think me nostalgic and a bit nutty, but they remind me of you and all your great treats.
Below, a random old orphan block, now a fun potholder!!
Cuttings from a friend's Coleus plant...season is over , but I do love Coleus.
I want the grands to realize that I am a cool and awesome grandma.
I will pass on the purple hair, the nose ring and belly button ornament. I was looking for old jeans to slash with the stylish cuts, but the grandchildren did not think I would look that cool!!

A friend told me about this site: 
I think she may be my  new best friend!!

Just finishing this small quilt for a stuffed animal or doll.  It matches the baby quilt I made from scraps.
It is so beyond me that after sewing for 60 years, I still can end up with a small quilt having very, very wavy edges.  I am disgusted with myself.  I know the stuffed animal will not mind, but hanging it on the wall is out....UGH!!

Above, the quiltlet lies among the mess of my unfinished quilts.
Yet, here I am...lazy and doing nothing but sitting in the sun, and/or reading or touching fabric
Just like an old lady!!!

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Linda Swanekamp said...

Look, fabric is woven with many threads- it is not paper. It does not have to lie flat. Otherwise our clothes would not form around our shapes. The little quilt is gorgeous and creative. You are still sewing, gratefully. Thanks for the link to the Gourmet Quilter.